//Couple Photography

Couple Photography


At Eloh Photography we recognize that your family may be just the two of you and we know that you will have many special moments to celebrate and stories to tell. We all have our own passions, interests and experiences which help to define who we are as individuals and as a couple so our photographers are highly skilled in making sure that your unique story is told through each and every photograph we take.

Our Couple Photography sessions are interactive, fun and personalised to showcase your relationship. Perfect for new couples, engaged, celebrating a milestone, or simply celebrating your love and fun for each other!



Enjoy a fun, creative and personalised Couple photography experience with so much laughter, and the perfect way to show your love to one another.

  • Pre-session Consultation via phone or email
  • Personalised and Creative studio portrait session ( 90 Minutes)
  • Viewing consultation in a relaxed atmosphere with our designers
  • A beautiful framed 8”x10” portrait to take home
  • Complimentary editing and retouching service
  • A Digital Slide Show Movie of Entire Session
  • $100 portrait credit off any additional products