As we mentioned on Facebook, we need to build our portfolio of outdoor kids photography, so we’re on the hunt for families with one or more children. If this is you, then we are going to be a great fit!

This offer is only available for 5 families with kids aged 3 years – 16years, who are up for getting creative.
hese photoshoots are totally free! Yes, seriously… free. We’ll even throw in a free framed print to say ‘THANK YOU’ for getting involved.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in- then don’t miss out!  – please fill out the questionnaire below, with the details required and we’ll speak soon.

I’m so excited by this project especially because of the amazing photos we are going to capture.

Are you keen? Awesome!

Please fill out our questionnaire below, and I’ll be in touch!

What is your name and your child's name?
How old is your child?
Best contact number?
Which suburb do you live in?
Would you be interested in purchasing extra images after the session?
Please upload your best pic of your child?
Tell us the funniest story about your child?
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Our kids photography melbourne session captures those special moments of your child, with a relaxed and spontaneous approach allowing kids to be kids.

We specialise in all age groups ranging from precious newborn photography, to excitable toddlers, all the way through to image conscious teens. Our kids photography melbourne session will portray all the unique and wonderful characteristics of your child. Whether they are shy and quiet, or loud and energetic, each image will be a true representation of your child’s personality. We love that we get to capture the magic of childhood preserving it forever.

Kids Photography Melbourne Eloh Photography

Your kids photography melbourne session can be photographed at your home, or a place that holds a special family meaning, such as a park, garden or beach. Sessions times will be allocated and booked either in the morning or mid afternoon. This is generally the best time to capture images, avoiding sleeping patterns and feeding times for newborns and toddlers. Of course this is all dependent on your child’s age. For older children and teens after school hours work best.

Our melbourne kids photographer’s are easy going with fun personalities, they have photographed thousands of children all over the world. You can feel at ease with Eloh photography knowing that they will get the very best from your child during the session. These images will truly capture your child’s beautiful personality. Each kids photography melbourne portrait session is creative and unique, delivering outstanding memories and portraits that you’ll love and cherish  for a life time.

If you’re interested, you can see our studio kids photography work below!