For over a decade now I’ve been capturing Family portraits. The key factor is getting families organised and making sure everyone is entertained and enjoys the photography experience . If you’re on a family holiday or just out on the weekend with the kids, there are always times to capture the family together. Here are some helpful tips on what to do, or not to do and how to create the perfect family photo.

Getting everyone involved

The hardest part is trying to convince everyone to be part of the family photo, especially the dads! I guess this is because not everyone feels comfortable or wants to have their photo taken. However, once encouraged and convinced the rest is easy, relaxed and fun. The final results are usually appreciated more by those who weren’t initially keen. Photography should be relaxed, not staged and definitely not make people feel uncomfortable. If you’re trying it for yourself or getting it done professionally, then make sure everyone understands it’s not a stressful situation, instead a fun experience and this should keep everyone happy.


Making it a fun environment

Where you take the photos and the location is important. Avoid busy places such as public place as these will make everyone feel uncomfortable, especially once you get the camera out. Make the location inviting, comfortable for all participants and for a more personal experience try a studio or your home. It important to have a space that is inviting, especially if you have children involved. Make sure they are comfortable within the environment.


What to wear

My best advice is keeping it simple, casual and most of all make sure everyone is happy with their outfit.  A casual approach will make everyone feel more relaxed.  Depending on what your final outcome for the image is, a matching colour scheme is a good idea and this will keep focus more on the expressions and faces and not be a distraction by the mix-match of clothing.


When to take

Depending on who, and how many you are photographing, I find morning is best for generally all involved, especially if you have children in the photo. Try not to take images after a big meal or feed as this is when people are a little unsettled. Try to avoid evening photography especially with children as your results won’t be as impressive as the morning.



Let someone take control. Either the photographer or if you’re trying this yourself, have some ideas ready and think about your image before taking it. We can all snap away and find a half decent image in there somewhere, but if it’s organised and directed well, then the whole experience will be a success.


Make it fun

My best advice is to make the whole photo experience fun! Play games, interact, tell bad dad jokes, or maybe make a funny sound that get’s everyone laughing.  Just remember making it fun is the key element.


When all else fails


Get it photographed professionally. Save a date, get organised and let the professionals take the stress of it all. We are professionals after all!

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